What is downdetector?

Downdetector monitors over 3,500 services in 30 countries including telecommunication outages (internet, phone and TV service), online banking problems, websites that go down and also apps that aren’t working.

Downdetector save the outage history for you to explore. and also research every problem and post news about the outage cause and its status. This data is then showed into simple-to-understand charts so you can view sites accessibility on particular date.

The most prominent outages are also posted to our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

If you are just testing whether the website is down from the browser you are already having problems with, it is not extremely helpful right?

Fortunately, it is a pretty more robust than that.

Downdetector checker tests a domain name by delivering an HTTP get request form spice works servers, based in the America, running Docker on Amazon website services.

This will ensure the requests are coming from sufficient different directions to find out if the site is down for every person or not.

More info you will find at: Is DownDetector Down?