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Is your website unavailable? Is there a technical problem that leads to partial failure in certain geographic areas? And if there is a problem, you can answer the very important question: Why is my website crashing? Here are the Best Website down detector

Best Website down detector, Monitor The Internet and istheservicedown are the best website down detector free website monitoring tool that allows users to track up to their websites and be notified when their website is down or has problems. Downtime root cause analysis is included in the free plan to help users diagnose and fix problems. Users can choose how they want to receive notifications in the way that is most convenient for them, whether it’s via email, SMS, or one of the many third-party apps that StatusCake is included in, such as: B. Slack, Telegram, Discord, PushBullet and many more. StatusCake’s free community plan also includes a page speed test. This allows website owners to monitor their website loading speed for visitors and use the breadcrumb report to find improvements to improve page load time and visitor experience. The StatusCake free account is free for life. All users are considered “serious” when logging in, which means nothing is stolen from them. Users who want to try premium features such as regular scan rates for a minimum downtime or who can choose from several global websites where their website is scanned for downtime can subscribe to a free trial. No requirement. A credit card to sign up for the trial. Other features included in the paid plans include server monitoring, domain monitoring, SSL monitoring, and malware scanning. The price you pay for your lifetime plan is determined upon registration.

Some other Website down detector websites

Website down detector


Monitor Pingdom and other infrastructure for you and instantly notify you if something goes wrong. Measure your website’s uptime, downtime, and the performance your visitors experience.


It monitors your websites every 5 minutes for absolutely free. Receive notifications via email, SMS, Twitter or RSS. Add up to 50 locations. The screens can be refreshed with one click for instant review. Supports https and user / password authentication.


Immediate stopping warning

Freshping monitors your website every minute and notifies you instantly if your website crashes

Multi-channel notification

Slack, Twilio, Email, and more. Get stop notifications on the go, wherever you are

Free general status pages

Inform your customers about your web service status and incidents in real time

Understand the status of your website and the response time to clients around the world

Multi-user login

Make sure your colleagues are working as usual. With multi-user login, 30 users can receive instant downtime notifications and weekly reports

Multiple types of screens

Monitor HTTP (S) URLs, ICMP connection, TCP or UDP ports, web socket, or DNS. Whatever you are building, we have it for you

Ping Break

Do you get a direct message on Twitter, a message on Slack, or an email when your sites are down? Join Ping break, it’s free and really free. Our goal is to provide a simple and free service for monitoring your websites. We do not sell your personal information and we guarantee that existing features will not require payment in order to continue to use them Lifetime benefit for beta testers We don’t know what the future holds, but we do know that all future updates will always be free for all beta testers. We like rewarding benefactors. ? Thank you so much. Instant notification with Twitter. Our service uses Twitter to notify you in real time if your websites are down. Our bot will contact you privately by sending a direct message (DM) on Twitter or sending a notification via email, Slack, Discord, Matter or custom Web hook. You can monitor up to 100 URLs scanned every minute with a standard account. But if you have good karma we can increase your share for free. Get a notification on Twitter when your website is down. Ping break checks all your websites every minute and notifies you instantly via a Direct Message (DM).

Website down detector websites are offering this service since more and more people are searching when an website is down.

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